15 Best Pizza Joints in New York City (Definitive Local's Guide) (2024)

15 Best Pizza Joints in New York City (Definitive Local's Guide) (1)

As a local New Yorker, pizza might as well be my middle name. I’ve spent countless hours searching for the best pizza in NYC. Spoiler alert: I think I found it. Years in the making, I’d like to share a list of my personal favorite pizza joints in New York City. Regardless of where you are in your pizza journey, this list may prove helpful. Let’s jump in!

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15 Best Pizza Joints in New York City (Definitive Local's Guide) (2)

What’s the Best Pizza in New York City

Table of Contents: Best Pizza in New York City

Table of Contents: The Best Pizza in New York City

  • What’s the Best Pizza in New York City
    • Roberta’s
    • L’Industrie Pizzeria
    • Rubirosa
    • Juliana’s Pizza (Brooklyn)
    • Scarr’s Pizza (Currently Closed for Repairs)
    • John’s of Bleecker Street
    • Lombardi’s Pizza
    • Lucali Pizza
    • Prince Street Pizza
    • Joe’s Pizza (Iconic NYC pizza by the slice)
    • Patsy’s Pizza
    • Paulie Gee’s
    • Fini Pizza
    • Lucia Pizza
    • Kesté Pizza e Vino
  • List of the Best Pizza in New York City (Post Summary)
  • New York City Famous Pizza (FAQ)
  • Map of the Best Pizza in NYC
    • Helpful Related Links
15 Best Pizza Joints in New York City (Definitive Local's Guide) (3)


Located deep in the heart of Bushwick, the wood-fired pizza at Roberta’s is made in an oven that churns out thousands of pies a week. The most popular pizza on offer is the Bee Sting (tomato, mozzarella, sopressata, chili, basil, honey), which scratches the itch for anyone craving an irresistible sweet and salty combo.

There’s three locations in town, but I suggest going to the original in Bushwick because the large outdoor patio is great. It’s the perfect place for a summer afternoon with friends (order a pitcher of beer and bring a deck of cards).

Type of pizza: Wood-fired oven, whole pies only (the pies are on the smaller side, so I suggest ordering one per person).

Website: Roberta’s Bushwick
Neighborhood: Bushwick
Address: 261 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY

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15 Best Pizza Joints in New York City (Definitive Local's Guide) (4)

L’Industrie Pizzeria

L’Industrie Pizzeria has a relatively short but impressive history. Since opening in 2015 (by Italian native Massimo Laveglia), it’s been recognized as some of the best Neapolitan style pizza in New York City. Known for using high-quality ingredients, L’Industrie has folks commuting 30-60 minutes for a slice. Thankfully, they just opened an outpost in the West Village.

Both locations boast long lines, everyone eager to try the famed Margherita with burrata slice. Can’t blame anyone for trying though, the pizza is hard to beat! L’Industrie’s belongs on any proper list of the best pizza places in NYC.

Website: L’Industrie Pizzeria
Neighborhoods: Brooklyn & West Village
Location: (Brooklyn) 254 S 2nd Street & (West Village) 104 Christopher Street

15 Best Pizza Joints in New York City (Definitive Local's Guide) (5)


Rubirosa is a classic New York pizza joint beloved by locals and tourists alike, for good reason. They have perfected the art of tomato sauce. The best thing on the menu is the tie dye pizza (vodka, tomato, pesto and fresh mozzarella).

Rubirosa doubles as an Italian restaurant (their meatballs are some of the best in NYC). The use of fresh and local high-quality ingredients shines through in the food, everything is delicious. Between the old school vibes and top-notch pizza, there’s no guessing why locals consider this the best pizza in NYC.

Type of pizza: Whole pies only, one pizza is large enough to split between 2-3 people, depending on hunger levels.

Website: Rubirosa
Neighborhood: SoHo
Address: 235 Mulberry St, New York, NY

15 Best Pizza Joints in New York City (Definitive Local's Guide) (6)

Juliana’s Pizza (Brooklyn)

The history of Julianna’s Pizza is interesting:

The founder, Patsy Grimaldi, founded legendary Grimaldi’s Pizzeria (right next door) in 1990. He sold Grimaldi’s in 1998 and seemed to move on with his life — until he didn’t. Randomly, at the age of 80, Grimaldi decided to come out of retirement but was unable to open a restaurant under his own name because he sold the naming rights.

A long arduous legal battle ensued, and finally in 2012, he opened Juliana’s Pizza (named after his mother). This naturally started a (friendly) rivalry between the two shops, with locals often debating who makes the best pizza in New York City.

Having tried both, I think Juliana makes better pizza. The top seller is the Classic Margherita pie (San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil), but for me, nothing tops the White Pie (olive oil, fresh mozzarella and lots of garlic).

Type of pizza: Coal-fired, whole pies only. Pies can be ordered half/half and one pie is large enough to split between 2-3 people.

Website: Juliana’s Pizza
Address: 19 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY
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Good to Know: Juliana’s doesn’t accept reservations, first come, first served only. Lines move quickly!

15 Best Pizza Joints in New York City (Definitive Local's Guide) (7)

Scarr’s Pizza (Currently Closed for Repairs)

Opened in 2016, Scarr’s Pizza is the new kid on the block, but we’d be doing you a disservice by keeping them off the list. Milling the flour on-site (and unusual practice), speaks to Scarr’s dedication to making the best pizza in New York City.

Offering traditional NYC slices (they’re huge, folding required) alongside Sicilian slices (focaccia-like crust), the fresh handmade dough is the ideal canvas for the high-quality sauces and toppings.

In a city where good food sometimes comes at the expense of good service, Scarr’s stands a mile above the rest (the staff are consistently awesome). Also, the retro 80’s inspired decor definitely evokes old school charm, it’s the ultimate NYC vibe.

Types of pizza: Offered by the slice, considered a classic New York City slice. Toppings vary on a daily basis (I think pepperoni and cheese are always offered until sold out).

Website: Scarr’s Pizza
Address: 35 Orchard St, New York, NY
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15 Best Pizza Joints in New York City (Definitive Local's Guide) (8)

John’s of Bleecker Street

Founded in 1929, John’s of Bleeker Street is one of the oldest pizza places in New York City. The walls are adorned with photos of celebrities, the windows dressed in prestigious awards collected over (nearly) 100 years.

Using a (grandfathered) coal-fired pizza oven, the pizza is cooked at a high temperature for a short time, resulting in a charred crust that remains chewy at the center. Served piping-hot from the oven, resist the temptation to bite right in and let it cool for a minute before diving into NYC’s most iconic slice.

Type of pizza: Coal-fired pizza, whole pies only. Pies are large and can easily be split between two people. Half/half pizza orders are okay.

Website: John’s of Bleeker Street
Neighborhood: West Village
Address: 278 Bleecker St, New York, NY

Wait, I want to know more about the coal ovens in NYC, why are they grandfathered?

Grandfathered coal-burning ovens are an interesting part of NYC pizza history. In the 1900s, almost all pizza ovens were coal because coal was cheaper than wood (but coal needs a constant flow of oxygen, so the ovens have to be built in a way that takes a lot of space).

Then, in the 1940s, stainless steel pizza ovens became the norm and coal-fired ovens started to fade into oblivion, the last known new coal-fired oven to be built in Manhattan was 1957, in Brooklyn it was 1990. Now, the only way to get a coal-fired oven is to inherit one from the previous business (or to have been in business since the early 1930s).

15 Best Pizza Joints in New York City (Definitive Local's Guide) (9)

Don Antonio NYC

Website:Don Antonio NYC
Address: 309 W 50th St, New York, NY 10019

The culinary world of pizza has historically been run by men, but Don Antonio’s Giorgia Caporuscio is looking to change that. Caporuscio been dubbed the Queen of Neapolitan Pizza and it’s not hard to taste why.

The menu at Don Antonio’s is made up of 45 different pies and a handful of fried-pizzas (popular in Naples). Every pizza on the menu can be made Gluten Free, so you’ll have a ton of NYC gluten free pizzas to choose from.

We recently did a taste test which included a gluten free pizza (Truffle Burrata & Prosciutto), a fried pizza (the Montanara), and another of their signatures (Pistacchio & Salsciccia). Each one was exquisite and delicious in its own right but the most surprising of all was the gluten free which could not be distinguished from the regular pies.

A word to the wise, Caporuscio’s pies are a hot commodity and Don Antonio’s doesn’t take reservations, so be prepared for a short wait.

15 Best Pizza Joints in New York City (Definitive Local's Guide) (10)

Lombardi’s Pizza

Some people make the mistake of assuming Lombardi’s is for tourists. How wrong they are! This iconic NYC pizza shop boasts an incredible achievement — it’s officially the first pizzeria in America. In fact, Lombardi’s is credited with developing New York Style pizza, reason alone to visit.

If you’re into classics, order the Original Margherita (fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, romano and basil). But, if you’re feeling adventurous, don’t sleep on the famous Clam Pie (shucked clams, garlic, oregano, Romano cheese, black pepper and parsley).

Type of pizza: Coal-oven pizza, small whole pies only (think of them as personal pizzas). You can split one pie between two people if you’re not too hungry. If you’re really hungry, I suggest ordering a pie per person.

Website: Lombardi’s Pizza
Neighborhood: Little Italy
Address: 32 Spring St, New York, NY

Lucali Pizza

Rumored to be Beyoncé and Jay Z’s favorite pizza joint in NYC, getting into Lucali’s requires a lot of effort and patience. The restaurant doesn’t accept reservations, which means the only way to get in is by waiting in line (usually for 1-2+ hours).

Opened in 2006, it’s famous for handcrafted, thin-crust pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven, Lucali is a must-visit establishment for those looking for the best pizza in New York City. This cash-only restaurant opens at 5pm, but the line starts forming around 3-4pm.

If you’re lucky enough to get in, the ambiance is rustic, cozy and romantic. Making it a great place for date night. Plus, guests are welcome to bring their own beer and wine to cap off the meal properly.

Local’s Advice: I’ve tried to get in a few times over the past years and 2-3 times, the restaurant was closed unexpectedly. It was unfortunate, since I trekked 1 hour to get my hands on a pie, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend Lucali for anyone that’s visiting NYC for vacation (there’s no guarantee you’d get in, and why wait in line for hours?).

Website: Lucali
Neighborhood: Carrol Gardens
Address: 575 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY

15 Best Pizza Joints in New York City (Definitive Local's Guide) (11)

Prince Street Pizza

Opened in 2012, Prince Street Pizza in New York City’s charming Nolita neighborhood is a hit with locals, visitors and celebrities (the walls are filled with photos of famous faces). The photos are a welcome distraction from the intoxicating smells of fresh-baked pizza while you wait in line.

Once inside, you might find yourself tempted by all the slices on offer. If it’s your first visit, I suggest trying the most popular slice — the Spicy Spring (Sicilian pizza with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, spicy pepperoni cups and pecorino romano cheese).

This is one of the best Sicilian pizzas in New York City, but between you and me, Prince Street Pizza is kind of a hit-or-miss establishment. I’ve visited a handful of times and there’s been a few “off days.” However, if you can get them on a good day, you won’t regret it.

Type of pizza: Classic NYC slices and delicious Sicilian pies (opt for the Sicilian slice if you’re not hungry enough to try multiple slices).

Website: Prince Street Pizza
Address: 27 Prince St A, New York, NY

Joe’s Pizza (Iconic NYC pizza by the slice)

Joe’s is considered the most famous traditional slice of pizza in New York City. This unfussy pizzeria dates back to 1975 and has built a reputation with locals for being fresh, hot and delicious every hour of the day.

The crust is nicely charred and the pie boasts the perfect ratio of sauce to toppings. It’s simple, it hits the spot and it won’t break that bank. Plus, they’re open until 4am, making this a go-to spot for a late night meal after a show or event (this is a cash-only establishment, ATM onsite).

Our friends have a fun annual tradition, they greet the first day of spring with a whole pie from Joe’s Pizza in Washington Square Park. For what it’s worth, I prefer the cheese to pepperoni at Joe’s.

Website: Joe’s Pizza | Locations

15 Best Pizza Joints in New York City (Definitive Local's Guide) (12)

Patsy’s Pizza

Famed for being Frank Sinatra’s favorite pizza in New York City, Patsy’s has been around since 1933. Patsy’s has a behemoth coal-burning oven that is tasked with churning out exceptional pies.

Unlike most of the other places mentioned on this list, Patsy’s is actually an Italian restaurant that happens to serve pizza. Considering this, it’s impressive that their pizzas can steal the show in a city peppered with restaurants specializing in pizza alone.

We ordered the original cheese pie and were taken aback by the rich complexity of three simple ingredients (dough, sauce and cheese). The crust was thin, as to be expected with a coal-fired oven, and the sauce to cheese ratio was perfectly balanced. My favorite part was the sauce, it’s so memorable.

Local’s Tip: There’s a few locations in NYC, but the original Patsy’s in Harlem (cash-only) is the best. The Harlem location is under separate ownership from the other Patsy’s in NYC.

Website: Patsy’s Pizza
Address: 2287 1st Ave., New York, NY

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15 Best Pizza Joints in New York City (Definitive Local's Guide) (13)

Paulie Gee’s

Okay, so I’ve been told that Paulie Gee’s top seller is the cheese slice, but — having tried both pepperoni and cheese — I’m here to tell you that the pepperoni is where it’s at. Better yet, get the square pepperoni with sesame seed crust (so good!). A slice of pizza will set you back about $5. There’s two locations to choose from, but don’t let it confuse you.

  • Paulie Gee’s (at 60 Greenpoint Ave.) sells whole pies only.
  • Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop (110 Franklin St) sells whole pies & pizza by the slice.

Website: Paulie Gee’s
Featured in: 15 Great Things to Do in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Fini Pizza

In my opinion, Fini makes some of the best pizza in New York City. Opened in 2022 by the masterminds behind Lilia and Misi, the most popular Italian restaurants in town. Through the growing pains (Fini originally didn’t take orders in advance, their Williamsburg pizza shop is small) they’ve managed to thrive. If you love spicy, the Long Pepper Shallot slice is a must-order. The white slice is also worth mentioning (blend of fontina, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses).

Website: Fini Pizza
Address: 305 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Featured in: 18 Wonderful Things to Do Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Una Pizza Napoletana

Visiting Una Pizza Napoletana might taking a little planning since it’s only open 3 days a week. Founded by Anthony Mangieri, a New Jersey native who dedicated his life to creating what would become some of the best pizza in New York City. Una was recognized as the best pizza in the US in 2022). After moving six times (including a stint in the west coast), the restaurant now calls the Lower East Side home.

Website: Una Pizza Napoletana
Neighborhood: Lower East Side
Address: 175 Orchard St, New York, NY

15 Best Pizza Joints in New York City (Definitive Local's Guide) (14)

Di Fara

Opened in 1965 to Italian immigrant, Domenico (Dom) De Marco, Di Fara has been a labor of love for over 50 years. Working 7 days a week for decades, De Marco had an uncompromising and relentless pursuit to create the best traditional pizza in NYC.

Nearly every ingredient is imported from Italy, and every pie is topped off with their signature freshly cut basil. A generous helping of olive oil douses every pie after it emerges from the oven. When De Marco passed away in March 2022, he left large shoes to fill. Thankfully, his kids took over the shop, keen to keep their father’s legacy alive.

Website: Di Fara
Address: 1424 Ave J, Brooklyn NY & 108 South St, New York NY

Lucia Pizza

Queens is a foodie’s paradise and Lucia Pizza is one of the neighborhood’s crown jewels. Opened in 1962, this joint has been a neighborhood staple for generations.Presidents have come and gone, wars have started and ended, we even went to the moon for the first time all while Lucia’s made some of the best pizza in New York City.

Website: Lucia’s Pizza | Locations

Kesté Pizza e Vino

Owner Roberto Caporusciolearned the secrets to making pizza in Naples, and brought those skills to the American. Having previously opened successful pizzerias in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, he opted to take his chances in New York City, opening Kesté in 2009.

Unlike most of the pizzerias mentioned so far, this restaurant has a fancy vibe (making it great for date night). Expect to find a long list of authentic Neapolitan pizzas and wines. Don’t sleep on the nutella pie if you left any room for dessert.

Website: Kesté Pizza e Vino
Address: 66 Gold St, New York, NY

List of the Best Pizza in New York City (Post Summary)

In sum, here’s the absolute best pizza spots in New York City

  1. Rubirosa Pizza
  2. Juliana’s Pizza
  3. John’s Of Bleecker Street
  4. Lucali’s Pizza
  5. Lombardi’s Pizza
  6. Prince Street Pizza
  7. Scarr’s Pizza
  8. Joe’s Pizza
  9. Patsy’s Pizza
  10. Roberta’s Pizza
  11. Mama’s Too!
  12. Una Pizza Napoletana
  13. Ribalta
  14. Kesté
  15. Di Fara

New York City Famous Pizza (FAQ)

NYC Pizza (FAQ)

Which NYC pizzeria was just named the second best in the world?

The awards for Una Pizza Napoletana keep stacking up. The pizzeria was recently named second-best pizza in the world.

What pizza is NYC known for?

New York City is famously known for its New York-style pizza. Characterized by its thin, hand-tossed crust, this pizza is often sold in wide, foldable slices. The crust is crisp along its edge yet soft and pliable enough beneath the toppings to be folded in half to eat.

Map of the Best Pizza in NYC

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