CHS Summer Camp 2024: Once Upon an Animal (Grades 4-6) - August 19 - 23 (2024)

Date and time

Mon, Aug 19, 2024 9:00 AM - Fri, Aug 23, 2024 4:00 PM MDT

Frequently asked questions

How old does my child have to be?

We offer full day camps for children in Grades 1-9. Grade level is based on the grade your child will be entering in the fall. Please note the minimum age is 6 years and your child must be fully toilet trained to attend camp.

Do you offer camps for children with special needs?

CHS Camp is an inclusive camp and we welcome children of all abilities. Children with special needs (with or without an aid or assistant) are fully integrated into a camp group and encouraged to engage in all aspects of camp.

When registering, what age group should my child go in to?

When considering which age group you should sign your camper up for in CHS Summer Camp, please base it off of the grade they will be going into next fall, not the grade they are currently in (and will have completed by the summer).

My child is very mature for their age. Can I put them in the next group up?

Due to the hard work our leaders put in to designing a week that is appropriate for the age group they are leading, we ask that you register your child into the camp based on the grade they will be going into in the Fall.

After-care (until 4:30pm) can be added for an additional fee upon checkout. The fee is $10 times the number of days the camp runs (4 or 5 days depending on the week). We do not offer before-care at this time.

Do you accept camp volunteers?

Yes! We accept applications from youth aged 14-17 to apply for the Summer Camp Volunteer position. Once recruitment for this position is open, all information will be available on our website through the following link;

What lunch options are available?

A Friday Pizza Lunch is included in your registration fee. You will be able to select what kind of pizza your child would like when you register for camp. Please note that the pizza lunch fee is part of camp registration and cannot be refunded or deducted.

How many animals will my child meet?

We aim to have all children at camp meet a minimum of 2 animals each day, and on some days of camp children have met more than this. These figures may change from day to day or week to week due to fluctuations in shelter population, animal stress levels or presentations.

What is an animal interaction? Does my child get to pet, hold or feed the animals?

An “animal interaction” is any time when an animal is brought to meet a camp group. What an animal interaction looks like largely depends on the species and temperament of the animal they are meeting.

My child is frightened of certain animals, will those be at camp?

Our staff recognize that not all children are comfortable around all types of animals and at no point will any camper be “forced‟ to interact with an animal they are uncomfortable with. The Humane Education team addresses fear of animals by providing information and education about that animal.

Will my child come home begging for a pet?

It is possible that your child will meet an animal at camp they feel would make an excellent pet and may ask you about this, however we do not “push” pet ownership on anyone.

Do the proceeds from CHS Camp really go to help the animals at the CHS?

Absolutely! Calgary Humane Society is a charitable organization dedicated to improving the welfare of animals and our mission is to help as many animals as we can. By choosing CHS Camp you are supporting animals in need within the Calgary community!

What is the camp cancellation and refund policy?

CHS Camp registration fees are refundable up to 30 days before the start of camp. After 30 days, camp fees are transferable. Please contact our Humane Education department to discuss options available for fee transfer.

I will be missing a day of camp. Do you give a discount since I will not be attending all days?

No, we do not give a discount for missed days of camp. If you are unable to attend all days, we encourage you to check out a different week where you will be able to make all the days.

What if my youth is showing symptoms of COVID-19?

If your youth are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or general illness, we will ask that they stay home from camp.

How many weeks can my child attend?

There is no restriction on how many weeks any child may attend CHS Camp. The camp themes change each week with different activities.

Where do you get your camp staff?

Our camp leaders are often Post-Secondary students studying areas related to child development, education, social work, psychology or animal welfare. We interview every potential candidate carefully in order to select camp leaders who are passionate about children, education and animals.

What is the camp discipline policy?

Our goal is to provide every child with a rewarding experience. At the beginning of camp, the leaders go over camp expectations and rules. Our leaders then follow our progressive discipline policy that involves problem solving, verbal warnings, and involvement of full-time staff if necessary.

Why do you ask for my child's Alberta Health Care number?

In case of emergencies, we want to be sure to provide EMS with all pertinent information so they can help your child to the best of their abilities.

What is a typical day at CHS Summer Camp?

A typical day at camp may involve any combination of the following: creative crafts, at least two animal visits, playing games indoors and outdoors, educational activities, guest speakers, special activities. Campers will have two snack breaks and one lunch break.

Is CHS Camp educational?

Yes! Aside from meeting animals, campers will also engage in a variety of activities designed to build and challenge their knowledge of the animal world.

Is CHS Camp a peanut-free camp?

Calgary Humane Society uses peanut butter with our dogs as part of our stress reduction protocols and therefore we cannot be declared a “peanut-free” facility. Parents who have concerns regarding children with allergies are encouraged to contact us prior to registration if they have concerns.

Which animals will my camper get to meet at camp?

Due to the nature of Calgary Humane Society’s operations and the animals in our care, availability of appropriate animals for campers to visit varies from day to day.

How do you choose the animals campers will meet?

We select the animals met by campers on several criteria including: a successful health check, successful socialization session, polite and appropriate behavior, and personality to determine what animals would enjoy the experience of meeting 10+ eager campers.

My child is really good with animals, why are they only allowed to pet them?

Most children who come to CHS Camp are very good with animals! We completely understand your child’s desire to hold an animal or interact with a specific animal in the shelter. However, asking any animal to be held by 10- 15 or more campers is not a fair demand to make of many animals in our care.

Do you offer discounts?

CHS Members can get a discount on their camp fees! Your CHS membership must be active (not expired) and you must contact Humane Education at before you register in order to receive your discount code.

What options do you have for reduced camp fees for low income families?

Please contact us at to discuss available camp subsidies.

CHS Summer Camp 2024: Once Upon an Animal (Grades 4-6) - August 19 - 23 (2024)
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