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Do you know what if Oreillys buy old batteries? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Vehicle batteries are big. They are tough to recycle too. We have noticed that a lot of people who have replaced the car battery in their vehicle have absolutely nowhere to put the battery, or anywhere to take it.

However, if you are living close to an OReillys, then you may be in luck.

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Does OReillys Buy Old Car Batteries?

Yes. They do! Well, sort of. We will explain more about that in the next section.

If you have an OReillys near you, then they will certainly take your old car batteries off of your hands. You may even get a little bit of something for your trouble too, although it may not be quite as much as you would expect.

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How Much Do You Get For Taking Old Car Batteries To OReillys?

This does seem to be dependent on OReillys. Every so often, they seem to run a promotion where you get more. Although, it generally isn’t worth waiting around for that promotion.

Now, OReillys are not going to give you cash for your old car batteries. Instead, they are going to give you some store credit for your old car batteries.

Most of the time, you will get $5 per car battery that you take to OReillys. However, they have run some promotions where they have bumped this up to $10. However, as we said, this probably isn’t going to be worth it.

Now, the store credit is probably only going to be beneficial for those that are doing their shopping at OReillys anyway. For example, you can probably use that credit to get a replacement battery for your vehicle.

That being said, we still recommend that you take your old batteries to OReillys, even if you do not plan on buying anything there.

Sure, you won’t be able to take advantage of the store credit, but this is probably going to be one of the easiest places to recycle your old car batteries.

How Do You Take Car Batteries To OReillys?

You are only able to take your car batteries to OReillys if you are a standard consumer. Businesses are not allowed to take their car batteries to OReillys.

However, chances are that the staff probably won’t know whether you are a business or a standard customer, assuming that you stick to the other limits that OReillys has in place.

You are able to recycle a maximum of 2 batteries at OReillys per day. This is why the company probably wouldn’t even be able to tell whether you are a business user.

We can’t imagine that there are that many businesses that would be looking to recycle car batteries all that often.

What OReillys does ask, however, is that if you do take your batteries to them, you should ensure that each individual battery is packaged in a leak-free plastic bag.

The bag doesn’t need to be strong. It just needs to be sealed. There is a chance that OReillys will open up the bag to see what is inside.

Once you have taken the batteries to them, they will give you your store credit right away. You should spend that store credit right away.

Will OReillys Accept Other Vehicle Waste?

While car batteries are probably going to be the bulkiest waste product that you will have from your vehicle, you probably won’t be replacing your car batteries all that often.

This means that you may not need to take them to OReillys all that often. However, there will be other waste products that you will need to get rid of, and OReillys may be just the ticket here.

You can recycle any of the following at OReillys:

  • Spare automotive parts (used)
  • Used oil filters
  • Motor oil
  • Other non-hazardous motor fluids.

There are limits on how much that you can take per day. At the moment, the limit is 5 gallons of fluid per day per household. This is a lot. So, you probably won’t even be coming close to that limit.

You must ensure that any spare automotive parts or oil filters are in a leak-proof plastic bag. You do not have to clean the old products before you take them in.

The fluids will need to be in a leak-free container. You do not need to use anything special here. Most people will use an old milk jug, and this is something that OReillys recommends.

Do bear in mind that whatever container you do choose to use, you will have to leave it behind. So, don’t take that oil in a container that you want to use again!

The one thing worth mentioning here, however, is that you will not be paid for any of this. The only thing that the company will pay for will be used car batteries. Nothing else will get you any cash, and it won’t get you any store credit.

That being said, it is still worth taking all of this to OReillys. For starters, we don’t think there is any place that will pay for waste like this. However, you may be able to sell old car parts somewhere else.

The major benefit of taking all of this to OReillys is more the fact that if you take it there, you know that it is going to be recycled properly. This means that you can really feel like you are doing your bit for the environment.


While OReillys will buy old car batteries from you, they will not be giving cash for those old car batteries. Instead, you will be given store credit.

The amount that you get will be dependent on the promotion that they are running. Most of the time, it will be $5 per battery, but it can sometimes go up to $10 per battery.

You are able to recycle most of your old car parts and used oils at OReillys. However, the only thing that you will receive payment for will be the batteries.


Does Oreillys Buy Old Batteries? (Recycling + More) | Welding Troop (2024)


Does Oreillys Buy Old Batteries? (Recycling + More) | Welding Troop? ›

We can correctly dispose of car batteries, and you can earn a $10 gift card toward your next project or repair. *Undamaged batteries include batteries whose case is not cracked or leaking. O'Reilly team members reserve the right to refuse a damaged battery for recycling as they see fit.

Who gives the most money for old car batteries? ›

Scrap yards and auto salvage yards often buy used car batteries. The significant advantage is the potentially higher payout. However, it requires more effort on your part, including contacting multiple yards to get the best price and transporting the battery yourself.

Can you return batteries to Oreillys? ›

Bring any old lead-acid batteries you have sitting around to a nearby O'Reilly Auto Parts store for recycling — whether you bought the battery from us or not — and in many cases, we'll give you a $10 gift card for each one*. This service isn't available in all areas.

Does Oreilly's do cash back? ›

Get 1% of the price back with our O'Reilly cash back offers

Our average member earns over $450 Cash Back a year.

Can I bring my battery to AutoZone? ›

Bring Your Old Batteries to AutoZone

While these are often quick and easy methods, they also don't give you anything for your used battery, which is worth money due to the amount of valuable lead inside of them. The second option is any metal recycling establishment.

How much is a scrap battery worth? ›

Car batteries fluctuate in condition, and so do the prices that scrapyards will buy them for. It mostly depends on the lead content as this is the most valuable part of a car battery. In general, scrapyards tend to pay around £5 for a scrap car battery or more if the lead content is high.

How much is a dead battery worth? ›

Scrap Battery Price Table
Electronic ScrapAverage Price
Car/Truck Batteries$0.10 – $0.30 / lb
Electronic Motors (Copper)$0.19/lb
PC Tower$0.11/lb
2 more rows

Does AutoZone give cash back on returns? ›

While processing your order, we place a "hold" on your credit card for the amount of purchase. We do not charge your credit card until after your items have shipped. If you return an item to or to any AutoZone store, we will provide a refund for that amount the day we process the return.

Does Oreilly's price match? ›

Low Price Guarantee

O'Reilly Auto Parts strives to provide the lowest possible price to our customers; however, we are currently unable to price match online competitors. Our retail locations do have a low price guarantee and will match the price of most local competitors.

What is a core charge on a battery? ›

A core charge is a form of deposit held for the return of the used part. Core charges are set by the manufacturer or supplier and are based on the value of the materials in the part or the reusability of the old part. The core charge is added to the price of a part to encourage the return of the old part.

How much is O'Reilly's military discount? ›

What is the O'Reilly Military Discount? Our military discount is 10% off the retail price of in-store items, with the exception of motor oil, antifreeze, sale items, online purchases, special order items, and outside purchase items.

What is the catch to cashback? ›

When a credit card offers cash back rewards, they are betting that the cardholders' increased spending will exceed the money spent on cash rewards. Cardholders pay for cash back through higher APRs and merchant fees.

Does Oreilly's keep track of purchases? ›

You are able to view and print your account invoices from our web site as well as access valuable information such as; your Gift Card Balance, Current Orders, Previous Orders, Personal Information, E-mail settings, MSDS information, along with your selected home store and recorded Vehicle ...

Can you get money from an old battery? ›

The materials found inside some types of batteries, such as lead acid, still have market value that you can cash in on. While most recyclers will recycle your used batteries at a low to no cost, there are cases you can make money back in the process.

How much money do you get back from a car battery? ›

Use gloves to avoid touching any acid or lead and make sure not to store them in high temps or around open flames. Below is a list of places you can recycle your car battery for cash. Expect to earn $5 to $10 per battery. The more batteries you sell, the more a purchaser will pay per battery.

How much money can you get from an old car battery? ›

Below is a list of places you can recycle your car battery for cash. Expect to earn $5 to $10 per battery.

Can I get money for a bad car battery? ›

If you have 1,000 pounds or more of used lead-acid batteries, you can sell your used batteries to Interstate Batteries®. Junks, cores, used batteries, dead batteries, scrap batteries — whatever you call them, we work hard to recycle used batteries. You could say we're the greenest option you can find.

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