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Whenever I hear the term “vision board,” I imagine my 8th grade self sitting on my bedroom floor cutting out magazine photographs and inspiring articles.

Later, I’d hang the cutouts on my walls with sticky putty because my mom was convinced the tape would rip the paint off the walls.

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Before Vision Boards Were a Thing

One time, I strung a series of Nike advertisem*nts into a banner. It was one of the first girls are powerful in sports messages I remember seeing in a magazine. I remember feeling inspired and hopeful every time I looked at it.

Yes, wayyyyy back in the 90s before vision boards were a thing, I spent a lot of time flipping through Seventeen and Cosmopolitan for dreamy inspiration.

Social Media and The Rise of Vision Boards

Thanks to social media, especially Pinterest, vision boards are definitely a thing. Sure, call them a trend, if you wish. I think with our visually obsessed culture, vision boards aren’t going away anytime soon.

What’s a Vision Board

A vision board is a board or display that features images, quotes, inspiring messages, or whatever you choose, to inspire. For some, a vision board is a way to set goals. And for others, it is a way to keep eyes on a target or manifest something specific or a dream, like becoming a midlife blogger and influencer.

Still, for others, a vision board is a tool that helps breathe life into a vision that one has for her life. A vision board can offer clarity or focus, or serve as a visible reminder of set goals or plans. Ultimately, a vision board is a visualization tool.

A Travel Vision Board

A travel vision board is only one type of vision board. A travel vision board might display of places on your travel bucket list that you’d like to visit. It might feature places that inspire you. Or display photos or quotes of places that remind you of happy times or experiences, the feelings of which you’d like to re-create or manifest in your present life.

A travel vision board might feature images of things you’d like to do in your travels. For example, a photograph or magazine clipping of the Louvre in Paris might help you stay laser focused on your dream of visiting Paris.

Additionally, a travel vision board displayed in a prominent place in your home or office might remind you to save money, spend less, get your work done more efficiently, or find a new job, so you can make your travel dreams come true. In other words, a travel vision board could keep you sticking close to your travel dreams, so they become realities.

The Purpose of a Travel Vision Board

  • Clarify, realize, or outwardly express your travel dreams or travel goals
  • Define your travel bucket list or personal travel goals
  • Remind you of your goals (especially when it is placed in a prominent location for you to see each day)
  • Motivate you to stay focused on your goals
  • Help you with travel planning and saving money for travel
  • Remind you why you are saving money or spending less — that is, to give reality to your travel visions
  • Help you better understand yourself, your goals, personal interests, wants and needs
  • May help you manifest your travel dreams or a travel lifestyle
  • Remind you to take time for yourself–for your dreams
  • To express yourself creativity
  • For fun and hope–the future is bright!

The Law of Attraction

One motivating idea behind vision boards is the law of attraction. In brief, as in very brief, the law of attraction is the philosophical idea that positive thoughts and positive messages bring positive results.

Of course, the idea is that the inverse is true, too: that negativity attracts negativity.

Ever read that book The Secret? Yep, I read it, too. That’s what I’m talking about here.

Vision Board Manifestation

So, when it comes to the vision board concept, the idea is that if you put your positive thoughts, ideas, goals, and dreams out there–as in front in center in your own life–you can attract or manifest positive outcomes. Even desired, specific goals or dreams.

How Do You Create a Vision Board?

A vision board doesn’t need to be complicated or costly. Actually, you can probably make a personal vision board for free or nearly free, just by finding things around your house and on the Internet.

You can make a vision board using a big piece of poster board. You can also get fancier and buy a cork board or my favorite, a cork board – white board combo.

Vision Boards Don’t Need to Be Physical Boards

Don’t think vision boards have to be all scissors, glue, and paper though! You can also create a digital vision board. Yep, there are vision board apps and websites that can help you create your personalized vision board.

Pinterest as a Virtual Vision Board

You can also use Pinterest to create vision boards. If you haven’t yet used Pinterest, you should start. Believe it or not, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing search engines. Pinterest is free. So grab yourself an account.

And…here’s the kicker…you get to create or save “pins” or “pin pins” to your own boards. Please check out and follow my Wanderschool Pinterest Board here and while you’re there feel free to repin any of my pins that speak to you onto your own boards. 😉

You can also check out my specific board Vision Board Inspiration for ideas to help you create your own beautiful, life changing and goal clarifying vision board.

How to Create a Travel Vision Board?

You can create a travel vision board by collecting images or photos that inspire you or your dreams. Also, you can find travel pictures for vision boards online, such as at Unsplash.

You can also make your own collages or photo overlays using the free or pro version of Canva. I’m a HUGE fan of Canva.

Ideas for Your Travel Vision Board Manifestation

If you’re wondering what you might want to include on your travel vision board, the first place to start is to think about your travel goals or dreams. What message do you hear your heart telling you about travel? And what is the script that plays over and over again in your mind? What do you hear about your travel dreams in the quiet moments?

If you don’t have a clue what your vision looks like, that’s totally okay! Starting a vision board is the perfect way to breathe life into a general idea (or feeling that there’s something you want or need in your life) and watch it take shape and evolve.

Your board might include these travel vision board parts:

  • Photos of your favorite places
  • Images of places you’d like to visit
  • Travel pictures for vision board
  • Things you’d like to do – generally or in those places
  • Inspirational quotes or positive messages
  • Cutouts from magazines, newspapers, journals, advertisem*nts, etc. that remind you of your travel goals
  • Canva creations or collages
  • Any visual trinkets, souvenirs that inspire (e.g., ticket stub, airline ticket stub, postcards, napkin, business card, or matchbook from a favorite restaurant in your travels, etc.)

There’s No Right or Wrong Way to Create a Vision Board

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to create a travel vision board. Let your dreams, inner dialogue, goals, creativity, and imagination guide you. Your vision board is yours.

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Have you created a travel vision board? Or is creating a vision board something you’d like to do? Drop a comment below and tell me about it! How do you think a vision board would help you achieve your goals or motivate you?

How to Create a Travel Vision Board - Wanderschool (2024)
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