How to watch the 2024 solar eclipse live online and on TV (2024)

How to watch the 2024 solar eclipse live online and on TV (1)

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A total solar eclipse will cross through North America today (Monday, April 8, 2024). Don't worry if you're not in the path of totality, it's easy to watch the 2024 solar eclipse live on TV and online.

Solar Eclipse Timings

New York City: 3:35 pm ET
Chicago: 2:07 CT
Los Angeles: 11:12 am PT

The last solar eclipse was in 2017 and the next one visible in the United States isn't set to arrive until 2044, so this is a celestial event not to miss. It will start in the South Pacific Ocean and pass first through Mexico before heading northeast across states including Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and New York before ending in Maine.

Many cities and towns in the path of totality are planning eclipse celebrations. You can hold your own by buying solar eclipse glasses. But if you're unable to view in person, we've put together a guide on watching the solar eclipse on TV and online. For more info see's solar eclipse live blog for all the latest news and images.

2024 solar eclipse live streams


Beginning at 1 p.m. ET, NASA will have two livestreams of the solar eclipse for free onYouTubeand its streaming platformNASA+. The latter will have a live feed of the eclipse through NASA's telescope.


NOVAis hosting an eclipse live stream on YouTube that will feature NASA scientists at the Kerrville Eclipse Festival in Texas.

Disney Plus and Hulu

Disney Plus and Hulu will stream their sibling network ABC's "Eclipse Across America," starting at 2 p.m. ET.

2024 solar eclipse on TV


The three broadcast channels are all airing eclipse specials starting at 2 p.m. ET.

ABC's "Eclipse Across America" will also air on the National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo WILD, Disney Plus and Hulu as well as network social media platforms.

On CBS, "Total Eclipse of the Heartland" will feature appearances from Bill Nye, astronomer Lucianne Walkowicz, CBS News space consultant Bill Harwood and William Shatner.

"NBC News Special: Solar Eclipse 2024" will be hosted by Lester Holt from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the world’s largest viewing site of the 2024 eclipse. Holt will be joined by the Today Show's Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Craig Melvin, Carson Daly, Sheinelle Jones, Dylan Dreyer and Jenna Bush Hager from the Museum of Natural History in New York City, along with Al Roker live from Dallas, Texas.

Broadcast networks can accessed for free with one of the best TV antennas or through a cable TV package.


CNN will have live coverage of the eclipse starting at 1 p.m. ET. CNN cameras and drones will be positioned across the path of totality, and reporters will on hand in Mexico and throughout the United States, as well on board a Delta Air Lines “Path of Totality” flight.

If you've cut the cord, you can access CNN with our top pick among live TV streaming services, Sling.

How to watch the 2024 solar eclipse live online and on TV (2)

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Sling TV is one of the most affordable cable TV alternatives on the market. Both the Orange and Blue plans come with CNN.


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How to watch the 2024 solar eclipse live online and on TV (3)

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