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Join us to experience fascinating history, beautiful architecture and unique culture on our Poland holidays. Visit the must-see highlights of Poland with us and experience their delicious cuisine whilst indulging in the country’s history.

Holidays to Poland

On our holidays to Poland, we visit the former national capital city of Krakow. A modern city with medieval heritage, it’s the perfect combination for your next trip. Holidays in Poland with Travel Department include visiting all Krakow’s fascinating sites and learning about them from a local, expert guide.

From St. Mary’s Church to the Wawel Cathedral and the Royal Tombs, our Poland holidays 2024 explore every angle of Poland’s history and delve into the roots of some of its amazing architecture. Other towns and cities will be discovered on a trip to Poland, along with stunning scenery surrounding you wherever you go. It’s got something for everyone.

A holiday in Poland at Christmas is something you should have on your bucket list. Wander the magical Christmas markets of Krakow and Gdańsk with us and have the opportunity to find out more about the city’s history with our walking tours.

All of our Poland holidays include return flights, accommodation, all transfers and an exciting array of excursions with an expert, local guide. So, stop planning and start packing!


Our Guided Holidays To Poland

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Treasures of Poland, including Krakow, Warsaw and Wroclaw

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Top Places To Visit In Poland

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Poland’s former capital, Krakow, is a stunning medieval city known for its well-preserved Old Town and Jewish quarter. The town’s Market Square, once the largest in Europe, is framed by tenement houses, baroque palaces and beautiful churches. Just outside Krakow lies the Wieliczka Salt Mine, one of the oldest salt mines in the world. This spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site features magnificent chambers carved out of rock salt. On our holidays to Krakow, we’ll have plenty of free time to visit these fascinating sites and learn the history of the city on a guided walking tour.

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The town of Gdańsk offers a perfect mix of cobbled streets, quaint cafes and gothic architecture. On our Polish holidays including Gdańsk, we’ll enjoy a guided walking tour of the city’s spectacular Old Town including the Golden Gate, Prison Tower, Town Hall, Artus Court and the most famous symbol of Gdańsk, the Neptune fountain. This remarkable bronze statue of the sea god Neptune was created in 1549 and converted into a fountain in 1633. During WWII, the statue was removed and hidden away for safe keeping along with many of the city's other treasures, and remains in near-perfect condition today.

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The fairy tale city of Wroclaw boasts a unique mix of heritages, with architecture influenced by Bohemian, Austrian and Prussian traditions. The city’s beautiful Old Town or ‘Stare Miasto’ is home to a variety of landmarks including the monumental painting of the Battle of Raclawice. On our holidays including Wroclaw, we’ll enjoy a guided tour of Cathedral Island, Market Square including the Old Town Hall, and Wroclaw University. We’ll also have plenty of free time in the city to discover its other incredible sights or just relax and take in the atmosphere of this picturesque city.

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Poland’s capital and arguably its most famous city, Warsaw is a not to be missed. After being devastated by World War II, the city’s original 13th-century Old Town was meticulously reconstructed and restored to its former glory. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, travellers can read about the recreation as they wander its beautiful cobbled streets. On our holidays including Warsaw, we’ll tour the Old Town including Zamkowy Square, Lazienki Park and the Royal Route, which passes by numerous historic buildings and monuments. We’ll also discover Wilanow Palace & Park, known as the ‘Polish Versailles’ on a half day trip.

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Holidays & Tours In Poland

On our holidays to Poland, we’ll explore some of the country’s most interesting sights including the timber-framed baroque Peace Church, the history-steeped city of Warsaw and the breathtaking Tatra Mountains. Poland is also well-known for its delicious food and we’ll be able to sample some of it on our holidays including classic pierogis, jam-packed donuts called paczki, and bigos, a delicious hunter’s stew. Whether you’re interested in learning about the country’s military history or immersing yourself in its culture, our holidays to Poland have something for everyone. We offer a variety of holidays including short City Breaks to Krakow and Gdańsk, ideal for getting a taste of the must-see highlights, along with a 6-night trip that takes us to some of the country’s best towns and villages. Searching for something a little different? Our Christmas Market holiday to Krakow is the perfect way to turn Christmas shopping from a chore to a treat.

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